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High Elms North Clearing


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white letter hairstreak - silver washed fritillary - dark green fritillary - purple emperor - marbled white - green hairstreak

High Elms is the area hotspot for the silver washed fritillary which has been the subject of a deliberate conservation attempt. Other butterflies fly in abundance on the chalky soil and there is a really well established colony of marbled whites almost everywhere on the very large site, the butterflies appearing in sheltered areas in about 2014, coinciding with a general expansion of its range. The are three obvious clearings on teh Eastern flank of the valley. Central is Orchid Bank which by its name is preserved with a short sward of grasses and flowers, including several orchid species. Further North is a small clearing most notable for the purple emperor, silver washed fritillary and white letter hairstreak which is allowed to flourish with high flowering nectar plants. This small clearing was notable for the occasional white admiral visit, but has been absent for a few years following the removal of honeysuckle in much of the wood. Finally, extreme South on the site is a large segment called Burnt Gorse of steep typical chalk downland in which many of the butterflies mentioned can be seen, but which is notable for the green hairstreak.

There are many factors influencing the emergence and distribution of butterflies in our area. This independent survey aims to provide an in depth, on-line reference for butterfly enthusiasts, agencies concerned with climate change, schools and members of the general public. It is also constructed for the sharing of information and data between enthusiast - subject to confidentiality laws. This information might be of either positive or negative overall concern in the maintenance of existing or proposed butterfly habitats. Each species page represents literally hundreds of dedicated observations. text records can also be submitted to 07456399785


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